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Yellow Pages VS. Digital Marketing … And Why Digital Is Best

Yellow Pages VS. Digital Marketing … and why Digital is Best

Before technology took over, everyone relied on the yellow pages when they needed something.

Need a plumber? Find it in the yellow pages!

Need a dentist? Yellow pages lists several!

Need a lawyer? Yup, you guessed it – yellow pages!

But times have changed. Technology is here, making our lives a bit easier. The internet can make a major impact for literally any business, especially a law firm. Did you know 78% of consumers shopping for legal services start their search online?

Attorneys – just like you – are still only relying on the yellow pages. While that could certainly still bring in some leads for you, it doesn’t even compare to what digital marketing can do for you.

As a lawyer, you can be a bit skeptical of digital marketing because all you have known was yellow pages – and that’s okay. At Precision Legal Marketing, we’re all about making things easier and making sure you understand how our services can benefit you. In the end, that’s all we want – more leads for you.

How are the Yellow Pages Like Internet Marketing for Attorneys?


You will gain exposure in both. Essentially, they’re both the same thing … sort of.

In YP you bought an ad and it’s size and seniority determined it’s position. If you weren’t far enough up front with a big ad, your response suffered. Not with Online Marketing. You can pin-point target WHERE you want to be, when you want to be there.

Available at Their Fingertips

When someone is in need of a lawyer, they can pick up a phone book and start flipping through the yellow pages. They can also go to Google and type in “lawyer in (certain city, state)” and your business will appear IF you are consistent with digital marketing.

Not only that, but if their location is on, their phone KNOWS where you are. For example, if they type “divorce lawyers near me”, your website and location will be provided in the relevant search results. As an attorney that is marketing on Google, this is a huge advantage due to the fact you can target that user directly.

Easy to find

With the Yellow Pages, you used to let your fingers do the walking, and you went to the lawyer heading. But then you had to go find a phone, which took more time (let’s be honest, people get distracted and probably forgot to call by the time they even remembered to grab the phone!)

With digital marketing, all you do is pull your phone out of your pocket, make a quick search, and dial or click to call. It’s easier than ever!

How is Online Marketing Better Than the Yellow Pages?

Now that you have a better understanding how the yellow pages is similar to internet marketing, let’s dive into how this form of marketing can literally explode your ROI more than the Yellow Pages could.


Let’s go back to exposure. In the yellow pages, sure you get exposure but only if someone feels like reading down a whole list of company names. There are several law firms in each area, so yours isn’t going to stand out unless you pay even more for a larger ad placement. In today’s world, you will only get noticed if someone actually picks up the phone book … most people toss theirs in the trash.

With digital marketing, you can have more exposure for a better ROI.

Here are just a few ways you can gain exposure with digital marketing

→ Google Ads- An ad that appears on the top part of search engine results of Google.

→ Facebook Ads– An ad that you can customize so it can reach a specific audience and it will show up in Facebook newsfeed or messenger.

→ Social media marketing – Marketing on social media platforms to grow your audience with the end goal of promoting your service.

→ Live Chat – A live chat on your website that is available when you’re not to answer specific questions.

→ Website content with specific keywords used (think headlines in the yellow pages. Those are the keywords that will drive leads to your website from google)

→ Google My Business (This one is free = bonus leads!)

→ Blog content to gain trust with current and potential leads

→ YouTube videos

→ Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Specific keywords that people are searching. We research those keywords carefully and tie them into your content so your target audience can find you easier.

Available at Their Fingertips

Anyone can pick up a phone book and they will see your name if they keep reading, but chances are many won’t even own a phone book to begin with.

With digital marketing, you are literally at their fingertips. All they have to do is type in attorney with a city and state, push enter, and there you are — IF you have a good digital marketing strategy in place (don’t worry about the strategy, we got you covered.)

Once they find you on Google, they can even call you with the touch of a button if they are on their smartphone.

Easy to Find YOU

Being easy to find goes back to being present on Google and other platforms. Many people use Facebook to find what they need as well. If you are active on Facebook and have reviews, they will be more apt to reach out to you.

Digital marketing makes it convenient and easy to gain immediate trust with your potential new clients. When someone is flipping through the yellow pages, they aren’t always sure who to reach out to. With digital marketing, they have reviews and all sorts of information in an instant.

As you can see, internet marketing is like a whole other world when it comes to marketing your legal services. It’s more targeted, it creates more potential, and you can grow your firm easier and faster. Of course, you don’t have to do this all on your own. You don’t have to learn digital marketing strategies. We, at Precision Digital Marketing, do all of that for you. Even if it’s just answering a quick question for you, don’t hesitate to call.

Let’s chat and see how we can help your law firm grow with digital marketing. Send us a message online or contact us by phone at (877) 602- 7510.

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