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FindLaw’s Own Network Reaps Benefits, Not You, The Client. Are They Stealing Your SEO Efforts?

FindLaw’s Digital Marketing Service is one of the most utilized by law firms. However, what many people don’t realize is they have set up their contract to benefit them more than it benefits you or your firm.

This article is more about how their MSA and CMS benefit their business model, which is to obtain clients and keep them as long as possible.

Sure, it’s good to obtain and keep clients – that’s everyone’s goal – but we can attest that placing a client in a position where they may feel trapped isn’t beneficial for anyone.

If someone signs their MSA, FindLaw may typically put that client in their system of how they fulfill their contract. This could include creating their website and developing their clients’ content through their proprietary platform with their site. It may also include adding your firm’s information on multiple online directories and doing some SEO. This may all sound good, but let’s dive in further with how, but let’s stay on topic on how their system benefits them and not you.

Placing clients in their system allows FindLaw to increase traffic multiple ways by creating tier levels of service.

This sounds good, but when you figure out how it’s done, you will realize it’s not a long-term benefit.

For example:

Let’s say you signed up with FindLaw. You’re overall pretty satisfied with the cost and initial results.

Now, as the weeks and months pass, you notice you’re receiving fewer calls. Next, you contact FindLaw, and they let you know that you need to get an extra service to get more phone calls. Based on their initial previous experience you think, “sure, sounds great!” and that services is added to your monthly bill.

All FindLaw has to do is move your site’s exposure up a little and presto, you have a few more leads.

But then — the cycle repeats itself when other law firms (possibly competitors) experience the same thing and goes through the same process. Soon, you will discover your monthly expenses far exceed what you are receiving in return and you end up stuck in a contract that you don’t know how to get out of without damaging all of the investment.

Unfortunately, what’s sad is that this example has played out several times with our clients. What’s even worse is that FindLaw has possibly played on their clients who don’t realize they are just trying to obtain and keep their business. By intent or accident, this method of doing business doesn’t benefit you or your firm.

The biggest issue with Find Law’s MSA is that there is no non-compete clause in the agreement. What this means is that FindLaw may promote both of you AND your competition. Working with both you and your competitor doesn’t benefit you at all. FindLaw is only keeping their best interest in mind.

If you considered or are utilizing FindLaw’s Marketing Services, give us a call. Even if it means you don’t utilize our services, we want to make sure your priorities come first. Contact us today at 877-602-7510.


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