Intake Management & Training

Optimizing your law firm’s intake systems can streamline efficiency and help increase your overall return on investment. Despite the overwhelming benefits of effectively training your staff and properly managing your intake process, many firms disregard this success strategy and continue to miss opportunities.


Every time your firm receives a submitted contact form, takes a phone call, greets a walk-in visit or manages a case from filing to finish, there is an opportunity to maximize efficiency or squander resources and waste time. Alleviate wondering which type of firm you are by analyzing management issues, addressing pitfalls and implementing training that works for your firm’s success, not against it.

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Precision Legal Marketing designs successful intake management and training systems based on your law firm’s particular client profile. Every law firm is
different. Therefore every law firm requires its own intake management and training systems. By identifying your client profile, recognizing their subjective needs and providing the solutions they need, you can shift your process from sign-on to focusing on relationship building.


Training your staff to optimize the intake management induces an increase in retention rates and client satisfaction. The primary goal of Precision Legal Marketing’s systems is to maximize the amount of time attorneys and staff are able to devote to effective case management and nurturing client relationships, by minimizing the superfluous time the legal team is required to exert on tasks that can easily be streamlined or automated.


There is no denying that personal involvement and client contact with the attorney and legal staff is imperative. However, law firms must also train its staff to maintain a healthy balance between case management and waste. Automated messages and processes at critical junctures can be disseminated on a personal yet efficient level. Precision Legal Marketing will pinpoint crucial points of contact based on your law firm’s practice to deliver automation techniques, templates and frameworks that suit your needs.



Precision Legal Marketing designs successful intake management and training
systems based on your law firm’s particular client profile


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In addition to creating a client profile, collecting relevant data and identifying and implementing efficient systems, we go to work helping you train your staff accordingly. Each new hire or current team member should have the knowledge and ability to handle certain systems adequately based on the model that works best for your law firm. Avoid losing resources, staff members, clients and time by continuing down the same inefficient path you are currently on.

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Precision Legal Marketing understands that staff training and intake management and system efficiency can often take the back burner to other priorities. However, we also know how drastically attorneys can increase their return on investment by taking the time to develop a successful model sooner rather than later and expediting the optimization process.


We specialize in offering the insight, expertise and skills that each particular firm can use to explore the opportunities that current inefficiencies are holding them back from. Get the refreshing perspective your law firm’s daily operations deserve by letting Precision Legal Marketing detect pitfalls and harness the strengths of your intake and client management systems.


What's Next?

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