“As long as you are laughing, nothing else matters.”



Co Founder /Law Firm Marketing Consultant

If Jyllian B. Kivelin could pick a quote to live by, it would be, “As long as you are laughing, nothing else matters.” It is this joy for life and her career that makes Jyllian a successful legal marketing consultant at Precision Legal Marketing. She was motivated to start the boutique agency in 2014, with Steven Long, after seeing the difference a targeted marketing strategy made for law firms.

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Let's get to know Jyllian...

What are your hobbies?

Boxing and playing with kids. I also love playing online games.


Coffee or tea?



What do you like most about your job?

Helping someone grow their firm and helping them become successful.


Favorite game to watch/sport to play?

I love watching ice hockey and UFC.


Would you rather ride a bike, ride a horse or drive a car?

That depends on the day and my mood. I love riding a bike for fun, there is nothing more relaxing than riding on a horse however sometimes you just need to drive fast and take chances.


Meaningful Quote/Quote to live by:

“As long as you are laughing nothing else matters.” – Unknown

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