Public Relations

Reputation is everything in the legal community. What searchers online find about your firm can either help or hinder your reputation. That can be a newspaper article, TV video on youtube or a response to an online review. Whether your firm is being vetted by a referral, seeking new hires, or a person is starting fresh with an online search for legal services, public relations play a crucial role in the various stages of the process.


Features of

Public Relations

Build Your Reputation and Build Your Client Base

Potential clients are overwhelmed with options when turning to the internet to find an attorney to hire, and your law firm’s job is to make their choice as easy as possible. Precision Legal Marketing specializes in making your law firm look as good as possible online when you are not able to meet everyone in person offline. Reputable public relation firms such as our can enhance your law firm’s already positive image or offer any necessary damage control.

Marketing Through Community Influence and Recognition

Positioning yourself as a thought leader or a key influencer in your community or on a national level can help your law firm reach the peak potential it desires and achieve the goals it has been striving for. Targeted messages, promotion of achievements, event announcements and highlighting accomplishments all serve to strengthen your law firm’s reputation amongst colleagues and potential clients. The more you nurture your referral networks and put your name in front of prospective clients online the more likely they are to remember your law firm the next time they wish to refer a friend or seek counsel themselves.

Ensure a Steady Stream of Clients

Whether attorneys are aware of it or not they are running a business first and providing legal counsel second. Be confident you can maintain payroll, overhead, technology and supply needs and other expenditures by pumping your law firm’s name out into the community through strategic public relations.

Reach potential clients through television ads, radio campaigns, media spotlights and digital press releases that place your law firm in a positive light and exemplify your credibility and thought leadership. Clients are encouraged to hire attorneys they regularly see in the news performing in impressive ways and are more likely to remember your law firm’s name the more you engage in public relations.


Potential clients need confidence in the counsel they hire. Providing examples of your professionalism and the solutions you provide your clients through public relations outlets gives them the reason they need to believe you will provide the same level of service to their particular matter.


Reputable public relation firms such as ours can enhance your law firm’s already
positive image, or help control the narrative and execute any needed damage control.


What Now?

attorney marketingWe get it! You want marketing that works. You want services that actually work! You want to practice law and not deal with 6 different vendors for your marketing, half of which you don’t know what they are doing. All you see is the money flying out the door with little understanding as to where it goes.

That can stop now!

You don’t want to be pushed and shoved into the corner by a pushy sales person or sign a contract for 3 years not knowing if your expectations will be met. Call us – we’ll come and help!

Call us to consult with you, we don’t bite and we don’t even charge a consult fee. Prior to us getting together, we will do an in depth analysis of your current online marketing. We’ll take a look at everything from your past to present websites, if you’re doing any online advertising on the search engines, your social media profiles, blogs and more. Once we meet, you can help us fill in the blanks. From there, we will develop a plan for success with transparent costs, timelines for implementation and expected return on investment. We leave the sales pitch at home.