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Online Reputation Management

Despite the type of reputation you have in the community, your online reputation must also be managed to achieve optimal success. Potential clients scrutinize an attorney’s online reputation, including the reviews they receive and the testimonials that previous clients have offered. Directory listing profiles can be very influential to potential clients seeking to vet or hire an attorney using online resources. Precision Legal Marketing helps its law firm clients effectively manage their online reputation and make improvements where necessary to ensure our law firm is held in the best possible light.

Don’t let a single negative review hinder your law firm from building the client base that it desires. We pride ourselves in helping law firms feel confident about the professionalism and credibility they exemplify online. Even the most trusted of referrals will turn to the internet to conduct their due diligence before deciding to contact your office.

Control Your

Online Reputation Now

Although you may have more happy clients than unhappy clients, the client who did not feel completely satisfied with their experience with your law firm is more likely to leave a review than the satisfied clients.

Our software scrapes the internet for your online reviews to detect any negativity associated with your law firm online. You are alerted to both positive and negative reviews, giving you not only the review’s location, but providing you with the review text itself. When a negative review is left, our team of experts can help guide you through the process of recovery. Regaining and maintaining control of your online reputation is essential to building a thriving practice. Our law firm marketing and SEO experts will address the following facets of reputation through various methods:

directly influences a potential client’s decision whether or not to hire you…

What your law firm’s online reputation conveys

After we help your law firm clean up or enhance its online reputation through efficient management, we provide direction to your team on how to alleviate future issues. Every contact you make, lead you encounter, client you serve and referral you facilitate has an influence on the future of your law firm’s vitality. Our team of experts has also created ways to encourage positive feedback and appropriately solicit reviews from satisfied clients that you can use within various profiles and platforms.

Take control of the reputation your firm is displaying to your community, both online and offline, and experience the benefits it can have on your firm’s growth by contacting Precision Legal Marketing today.

Client Testimonials

Partnering with Precision Legal Marketing for my firm's website, SEO and internet needs has been wonderful. Steve and Jyllian provide a wealth of experience and attention to detail which makes the creation of a new website and marketing plan a seamless and productive update. We greatly appreciated the time they provided to help us realize our ideas. Having worked with other firms in the past who wanted to sell a cookie cutter site, Precision Legal Marketing allowed us to capture our unique ideas for our website while blending the necessary SEO engineering tools in the background. We highly recommend them.

Christie Leary
Leary Law

I have used two national legal marketing firms over the past 10 years. After hiring Precision, I have gotten better and faster results with my rankings, more relevant calls and an upgraded website. The Precision team are experts in the field of internet marketing and their customer service and responsiveness to clients are second to none. Precision’s fees are reasonable, and their products are well worth the investment. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Kristen Shannon
Shannon & Associates P.C.

Precision Legal Marketing is exactly that! They will take the time to get to know you personally and incorporate who you are and what you do into your web site making your business one of a kind!

Patty Hardt
Hardt Law, P.L.L.C.

I am so glad I found Precision Legal. They made my website look great and made the process seamless. I wouldn't change a thing.

Michelle Powers
Powers Law, LLC

I signed on with Precision Legal after being wholly disappointed with another marketing firm. Precision Legal offered a tailored approach and are reachable when I have a question or concern. I am highly satisfied with their performance and the return on investment.

Abraham Del Rio
Del Rio Law, PLLC
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