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PPC (Pay per Click Advertising) &

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

ppc for law firmsThe main difference between Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is that SEM is paid advertising within Google, and SEO is not. SEM encompasses paid advertising, which comes in forms such as PPC and retargeting ads. SEO is comprised of the organic content that your law firm produces and publishes online. Your law firm’s online presence can become a visibility powerhouse if both SEO and SEM are utilized online. Each can be used independently as well, but collectively create the most effect and deliver the most results.

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High Quality Scores

Our team of PPC experts strive to receive High AdWords Quality Scores so your cost per click is low. Not to mention, will pay as little as possible for relevant keywords.

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Targeted & Tailored

Developing wide casted net campaigns wastes your firm’s time and PPC resources. We identify your target client market and tailor campaigns to reach a more effective audience.

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social media marketing for lawyers

PPC Negative Keywords

Ensuring you don’t rank for particular terms is just as important as ensuring that you do rank for others. Irrelevant keywords promote wasteful clicks, which only costs your law firm money and dilutes your conversion ratio. We have a list of irrelevant negative keywords that serve to filter out weaknesses in law firm campaigns to optimize your efforts.

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content marketing

Landing Page Optimization

Creating landing pages optimized with SEO and written with concise messages will help increase your PPC conversion rates. Sending traffic from an ad to your law firm’s homepage can be confusing and less effective, so we design and optimize landing pages to serve the specific purpose of your campaign and increase return.

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Additional Features

Campaign Setup

Maintenance and Optimization

Our PPC campaign packages offer all-inclusive setup, maintenance and optimization deliverables. PPC campaigns are not “set it and forget it” forms of digital marketing because they require consistent monitoring and tweaking to perform at an optimal rate. At the outset, keyword research is critical to understand which terms your law firm should strive to rank for and which are cost-prohibitive. In addition, because Google regularly updates its algorithms, prices for keywords often fluctuate and different campaigns will deliver various results, maintenance and optimization are a must.

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Retargeting Ads

If a prospective client visits your website, but then bounces out before taking any action, retargeting (remarketing) ads help you remind them to return and complete a conversion. A conversion is considered to be any valuable action taken on their behalf such as filling out a contact form or calling your office.

Technically, retargeting uses a cookie-based technology that utilizes Javascript code to anonymously ‘follow’ your target client audience as they continue through their online search journey. As previous visitors land on other websites, an enticing ad tailored to your law firm will appear on the website page with a call to action coaxing leads back to your website. This will continue for an effective period of time and the results can be monitored through data collection.


PPC for Attorneys

Law Firm Marketing Consulting Done Right!

attorney marketingWe get it! You want marketing that works. You want services that actually work! You want to practice law and not deal with 6 different vendors for your marketing, half of which you don’t know what they are doing. All you see is the money flying out the door with little understanding as to where it goes.

That can stop now!

You don’t want to be pushed and shoved into the corner by a pushy sales person or sign a contract for 3 years not knowing if your expectations will be met. Call us – we’ll come and help!

Call us to consult with you, we don’t bite and we don’t even charge a consult fee. Prior to us getting together, we will do an in depth analysis of your current online marketing. We’ll take a look at everything from your past to present websites, if you’re doing any online advertising on the search engines, your social media profiles, blogs and more. Once we meet, you can help us fill in the blanks. From there, we will develop a plan for success with transparent costs, timelines for implementation and expected return on investment. We leave the sales pitch at home.