Law Firm SEO

Any law firm that wants to be successful online needs a digital strategy that includes strong SEO. Our company knows the most efficient ways to implement SEO tactics and integrate its benefits into every facet of your online presence. SEO relates to almost every part of your law firm’s digital strategy, including social media, content riting, website design, blogging, SEM and PPC and video production.


On and Off-Site SEO

Google-Focused SEO

Because Google is constantly updating and changing its algorithms, best practices for SEO are also always evolving. Our team of SEO and marketing experts will assess the needs of your firm and develop a strategy that will work to get you to where you want to be. By identifying your law firm’s target client profile and assessing how your competition ranks for particular keywords, our team can determine how your firm can reach its goals.

SEO From Start to Finish

To develop a baseline assessment of the current strength of your SEO, Precision Legal Marketing will perform an SEO Audit. We will use this audit to analyze how visible your law firm is currently online, identify pain points and highlight strengths to capitalize on. Because every law firm is different and so is the SEO strategy that will work for them, your subjective audit will give us the information and tools we need to create your firm’s personal SEO strategy.

Our Audit Approach:

  • Baseline assessment – We will start your website’s SEO audit by setting up crawling tools to capture relevant data that will tell us where your website currently ranks. Our team will also review your Google Analytics dashboard to note traffic patterns and utilize Google’s Webmaster tools to run further diagnostics.
  • SEO Technical Efficiency – This step of the audit makes sure that your website’s visibility potential isn’t being held back by technical factors. Backend missteps or neglected components can impede the search engines from properly crawling your website’s pages. We’ll analyze these factors:
    • Robots.txt
    • Robots meta tag
    • HTTP status codes
    • XML sitemaps
    • Site architecture
  • Rankings – After we have made sure that your website is accessible to search engines we must be sure your website can be indexed. If a site isn’t indexed it many not be included in Google, Yahoo! and Bing’s search engines. If yours is then we can move on, but if it is not we can perform some diagnostics and offer solutions to fix the issue.
  • On-Page SEO Ranking Factors –
    • URL/domain names
    • Content and Duplicate content
    • Architecture
    • Use of keywords and phrases
    • HTML markup – titles and meta tags
    • Backlinking
  • Off-Page SEO Ranking Factors
    • Competitive analysis
    • Relevant backlinks
    • Increase or decrease in popularity
    • Credibility
    • Social relevance and activity

After the audit has been completed one of our team members will review your audit with you to discuss our thoughts and your feedback. Together we can build a plan that focuses on your law firm’s goals and outline an SEO strategy that will help you reach them.

Maintenance and Monitoring

As we move forward we will assess the ongoing status of your SEO and work within Google’s suggested guidelines to meet its criteria and maximize your law firm’s online potential. We specialize in identifying missed opportunities and optimizing SEO efforts accordingly so you can reach the most efficient client audience. Our goal is to get your website more traffic from quality, potential leads, which can be achieved through SEO. Regular monitoring of your law firm’s website allows us to maintain performance and make changes to enhance client engagement.

Consistency is Key

Google uses certain powerful criteria when evaluating how each website should be ranked within Local Search. The first is consistency. Everywhere your law firm has displayed its Name, Address and Phone number it should do so in a consistent manner. We make Google’s job easy by not forcing it to decipher which office contact information is correct and providing it with easy to find contact details. Our Local Search team will review all of the places where your information can be found online and ensure that is correct and consistent.

Claimed/Verified Listings

Each listing or directory profile your law firm has claimed or verified offers potential for Local Search optimization. Most attorneys simple input the bare minimum amount of information not knowing that there is vast SEO and Local Search potential within each listing. We optimize each listing according to relevant SEO keywords and Local Search and geo terms.

Stand out on Google

One of the key factors Google uses to determine which law firms should be included in the Map and business listings is whether or not they have reviews. A law firm with reviews is more likely to gain better visibility than a law firm that doesn’t. The stars and reviews that are displayed within your business listing attract the eye of potential clients and can encourage more clicks to your website or contacts to your office.


Our Goal is

Your Local Success

Precision Legal Marketing’s goal is simply – to help your law firm rank higher to gain more visibility and put your website in front of potential clients in your geographic area. By harnessing all of our skill sets and creating a holistic digital strategy that includes SEO and Local Search tactics, your law firm is more likely to rank higher than without them. People no longer skim the Yellow Pages to locate an attorney and if you want to be found where they are looking online, we will optimize your SEO and Local Search strategy.


Ask what you want?

FAQ & Contact

  • How long does it take to set up Live Chat?We usually have clients up and running within one week.
  • When do your chat operators cover my website?We will cover your website for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You will NEVER miss a chat opportunity.
  • Do you have to be a tech-expert to use this service?No. Our specialized support staff takes care of system maintenance and operation. All you have to do is enjoy the benefits of our exceptional service.
  • Do my employees “chat” with the customers?No. We handle all the “chat work” for you.No. We handle all the “chat work” for you.
  • How long does it take to receive a chat transcript after the chat occurs?When the chat is complete it is immediately sent to the email address(es) you designate, as well as to any mobile number(s) you wish a notification sent. It takes no time at all.
  • What Questions will the operators ask?Our Operators use a customizable transcript written pecifically to your industry. You have the freedom to edit any chat questions and responses, giving you full control as to how our operators interact with your website visitors