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We will create a unique-to-you website design that fits your law firm. Your law firm’s online goal should be to stand out and leave a lasting impression.It is difficult to differentiate yourself if your law firm has a website like everyone else’s.

The design team at Precision Legal Marketing prides itself on getting to know your firm inside and out so we can deliver a website product that specifically suits your goals and speaks to your client market. By utilizing the best practices recommended by Google and remaining intuitive to your clients’ needs, our team can design a website that is multifaceted and impressively high functioning.

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Website Design & Development

Website Design & Development

Once we have a framework of your firm’s website goals, with your ideal client in mind, our team will begin the design process. Designs will be tested on various browsers.

Responsive Mobile-Friendly Design

Responsive Mobile-Friendly Design

Testing the usability of the website also includes testing it on various devices and smartphones. Responsive design is now a must in the eyes of Google’s SEO best practices, and websites that are not built with a mobile-friendly template may be penalized, and rankings will suffer. Responsive design ensures that your website appears flawlessly on all types of devices, so it is a win-win all around when developing your website.

Meta and Alt Tags

Meta and Alt Tags

Meta and alt tag information are necessary to build a high ranking website for your law firm. Meta tags are invisible to the average visitor looking at your website, but they provide powerful behind the scenes SEO benefits. Meta tags such as titles and descriptions will be built into your website based on applicable keyword research and local search terms and phrases.

Alt tags offer a way to utilize bonus SEO opportunities that most website owners don’t consider. Adding descriptive keywords and phrases to your images helps your website attract potential clients searching for your legal services. These types of website design implementations put your law firm above the rest.

Load Time and Speed

Load Time and Speed

Many attorneys are unaware that load speed is a factor that Google’s algorithms assess when determining how high or low their website ranks in search results. Google strives to offer its users the best experience possible and a website’s load speed is one of its focus factors.

Online users are impatient. Don’t risk losing any potential clients that leave your website and explore others because your site doesn’t load fast enough for them. Slow load time can also exude an unprofessional vibe to those viewing your website if it loads slowly or doesn’t display correctly.

Our website design team will be sure your site loads quickly and efficiently during the building phase. If we are re-visiting an already built but slowly loading site, we can dig around the backend of your website to detect any issues so we can reboot and ramp up your load speed.

Website Design Mockups

Website Design Mockups

Our website design mockups showcase various options available for your law firm to choose from. You can experience what your new website would look like by interacting with a design mockup and integrating your subjective brand details and themes. The goal of our website design mockups is to provide our clients with the ability to view their website as representation before our team starts building.

Because every aspect of your overall online marketing strategy directs traffic to your law firm website, it is important to get it right. Steps can be taken throughout the mockup phase prior to building your law firm’s website to honor expectations and promote satisfaction. Even though a mockup is not designed to be functional, it provides an insightful way to experience the look and feel of your future website and evaluate its ability to perform.

Efficiency & Satisfaction

Efficiency & Satisfaction

Precision Legal Marketing prides itself on creating websites that help lawyers connect with their ideal target market. Once we have gathered the necessary information, identified your client profile and know the goals for your website, we will create a mockup for your approval. Your mockup will allow you to get a feel for what your website would look like on a computer, laptop, tablet and smartphone and how it would display to potential clients.

Together we will create a website product that satisfies your needs and the needs of your clients. Website design mockups promote efficiency and help streamline our design satisfaction process. We design our websites with purpose, and if your mockup doesn’t suit your vision, we will discuss other options and pivot our design accordingly.

Recent Solutions

Some of our recent work.

Clean and fresh, this family law site has a left sided menu to help with user interface and a unique color combination.

This client retired but we loved his sites design we wanted to show it off anyway.

Pleasant but striking design with the practice areas far above the fold to stop searchers in their tracks.

Featuring a sheek red and black theme, this sites design incorporates great imaging with minimalist text.

One of the top rated firms in the Northern Virginia markets, this site was designed to really capture the reputation of the firm and its members.

This site features #1 rank position on all of the major family law keywords.
Client Testimonials

Partnering with Precision Legal Marketing for my firm's website, SEO and internet needs has been wonderful. Steve and Jyllian provide a wealth of experience and attention to detail which makes the creation of a new website and marketing plan a seamless and productive update. We greatly appreciated the time they provided to help us realize our ideas. Having worked with other firms in the past who wanted to sell a cookie cutter site, Precision Legal Marketing allowed us to capture our unique ideas for our website while blending the necessary SEO engineering tools in the background. We highly recommend them.

Christie Leary
Leary Law

I have used two national legal marketing firms over the past 10 years. After hiring Precision, I have gotten better and faster results with my rankings, more relevant calls and an upgraded website. The Precision team are experts in the field of internet marketing and their customer service and responsiveness to clients are second to none. Precision’s fees are reasonable, and their products are well worth the investment. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Kristen Shannon
Shannon & Associates P.C.

Precision Legal Marketing is exactly that! They will take the time to get to know you personally and incorporate who you are and what you do into your web site making your business one of a kind!

Patty Hardt
Hardt Law, P.L.L.C.

I am so glad I found Precision Legal. They made my website look great and made the process seamless. I wouldn't change a thing.

Michelle Powers
Powers Law, LLC

I signed on with Precision Legal after being wholly disappointed with another marketing firm. Precision Legal offered a tailored approach and are reachable when I have a question or concern. I am highly satisfied with their performance and the return on investment.

Abraham Del Rio
Del Rio Law, PLLC
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