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FindLaw And Your Law Firm’s SEO Practices Can Lead To Negative ROI

FindLaw and Your Law Firm’s SEO Practices Can Lead to Negative ROI

If you Google “FindLaw and SEO”, you will find several articles that question FindLaw’s SEO efforts.

FindLaw has a history of utilizing Black Hat SEO techniques.

As I shared why, it could be possible that their proprietary platform, as well as their business model supports the potential use of all the named black hat techniques.

Their SEO practices could be more than any possible use of black hat SEO techniques, it directly addresses to what matters most in promoting your firm – which is content.

Content is what drives potential clients to your website. It’s the content that helps visitors decide whether they want to either buy from you or give you a call. A well-crafted piece of content will rank higher in the search engine results, which will help you to promote your business while potentially reducing your ad spend. You may have heard the term “content is king” before and its 100 percent true for the above reasons.

When it comes to evaluating how well a legal digital marketing agency addresses SEO for a law firm client, look at their clients’ blog posts

Checking out samples will allow you to see the quality of information being presented, along with how well the website would provide them with leads.

FindLaw has gone through extraordinary lengths to provide content. For example, take a moment and read this. Unfortunately, this is all too common in the digital marketing world – marketers will try to regurgitate and scrape content off the internet. It’s important to be vigilant when it comes to knowing what’s going on with your marketing for your firm and who you’re hiring.

When FindLaw creates content, there’s potential for keyword stuffing or link schemes that attempt to rank sites higher. When you hire a digital marketing agency, be sure that they make it clear they truly feel success when they succeed with your firm.

We’re proud to be different. We don’t just find any “writing specialist” online to write our clients’ blogs. Instead, we ensure that our content creation only involves individuals with a strong legal background. Our team represents clients ethically and with transparency, that way the firm’s clients will always keep their trust intact.

If you considered or are currently using FindLaw’s Marketing Services, give us a call. Even if it means you don’t use our services, we just want to put your priorities first. Contact us today at 877-602-7510.


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