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3 Top Marketing Strategies That FindLaw Isn’t Telling You About

3 Top Marketing Strategies that FindLaw Isn’t Telling You About

Precision Legal Marketing coordinates the game-changing marketing strategies with your current FindLaw website and can focus on various practice areas.

Personal Injury law firm marketing is the process of generating leads for your law firm using multiple strategies such as SEO, LSA ads, PPC and blogging to name a few. That’s a lot of acronyms, right? Don’t worry, we’ll discuss them shortly.

It’s a no brainer that PI attorneys need digital marketing to attract new clients, build a positive reputation and grow their firm’s clients and revenues.

Following an accident or injury, most people begin looking online for legal representation.

Now, we all know that marketing for personal injury law firms is one of the most competitive in the US. This poses a major challenge for attorneys who want to stand out in an already crowded online space.

Effective marketing strategies for PI firms include, but aren’t limited to, optimizing your website, asking for reviews, SEO and more.  Precision Legal Marketing offers some targeted strategies for PI Firms like Crash Blogging, Targeted Geofencing with Retargeting and Local Services Ads (LSAs).

Crash Blogging or News Jacking

What is Newsjacking?

The strategy and process behind newsjacking is straightforward. By sourcing relevant news stories from your local area, our team of writers produce 100% original blog posts that prioritize readability and SEO best practices. These posts are published directly on your website, providing search engines with the unique, location-specific, keyword-focused content they favor.

The Newsjacking Process

  1. An accident or event happens in a location in which you want to drive traffic to your firm’s website. For example, your law firm is looking to gain more personal injury clients from Richmond, Virginia and a car crash occurs in that location.
  2. Our team uses local news sources to find an official report or article on the incident meeting your firm’s criteria.
  3. We then create a news-style post that is entirely original (never plagiarized) and focused on the event, complete with an embedded Google Map pinpointing the location of the incident.
  4. Our team composes a custom call to action which links to the appropriate practice area page on your website, as well as a link to your contact page and phone number.
  5. The post can be published on your firm’s website or on a custom URL.

This process is proven to enhance critical metrics and, ultimately, the effectiveness of your ongoing SEO campaign. With increased pageviews, traffic, and search engine rankings, you can anticipate a higher volume of qualified leads for your firm.

The fact that these posts are about specific news events like motor vehicle collisions, structure fires, or workplace accidents in your area makes them valuable for your firm’s website.

Where else can you publish content that includes specific intersections and roadways in your area? How often do you get to mention major highways where collisions happen frequently? How often can you link to local news outlets and other sources or take advantage of Google’s embeddable map feature? All these blogging opportunities are available to you, and in most cases, multiple times per day.

The specific benefits include the following:

Hyper-Local Content

  • Posts are Local Keyword Rich

We mention intersections, highways, businesses, local media outlets, and other community-specific locations and entities within each post. Our news blogs provide the information and details that people in your practice area are interested in reading.

  • Daily Activity on Your Site
  • Send Local Signals to Google

Incorporating location-specific keywords within your site’s content is crucial to your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. The Newsjacking approach involves referencing and linking to local resources, such as hospitals and media outlets related to the story at hand. We also include a custom Google Map in each post to convey the appropriate signals to the search engine.

  • Publishing Blog Posts to Social Media

Our campaigns are designed to increase on-site traffic and pageviews and improve visibility for the keywords that are crucial to your specific practice areas. Additionally, this approach is highly cost-effective, making it an ideal strategy to gain a competitive edge in any market.

This service is also geographically exclusive to one firm in each geographic market. What does this mean for you? It means that we won’t be offering this service to any of your direct/local competitors in the area. Once you take advantage of this service, you are locked in with us to be the only personal injury firm having your ads shown in your targeted location.

Targeted Geofencing

One way you can advertise that will set you apart from the majority of your competitors is by using geofencing. Geofencing makes sense for many types of law firms, including divorce, criminal and, of course, personal injury lawyers.

Geofencing requires a virtual boundary (fence) set up around a specified location or business.  Once a person who is carrying a mobile device has “entered the virtual perimeter” of the location, we can trigger a specific programmed action, like serving ads to that individual.

Considering where a client is physically located can help us gather clues as to what their needs might be.  For example, if a client is at an auto body shop, they may have been involved in a car accident.  We can target a list of auto body shops & collision repair centers near your firm, and we then serve ads to those visitors.  People at a hospital may be injured or visiting a family member and may need a personal injury lawyer at some point. While they may not be considering an attorney at the time they’re receiving treatment in the hospital, by targeting them while they’re at that location, we can then continue to target them for a period of time following their visit to that location, keeping your firm at the forefront of their mind.

Retargeting with Geofencing

Retargeting with Geofencing is a powerful tool that can also be used to re-connect with the people who previously visited your website. Here’s how it works. Once a user visits your site, the retargeting allows your law firm the ability to anonymously ‘follow’ your audience across the internet and present display ads on other sites to those past visitors—not just on Google, either.

Retargeting provides a high click-thru rate and conversion, and can be a powerful branding tool, but it needs to be part of an overall digital campaign.

Google’s Local Services Ads (LSAs)

When using LSAs, your ads will show up for local clients/customers. They appear on the top of the page on both desktop and mobile devices. Local is the keyword in that last sentence. And speaking of keywords… just like regular PPC ads, the LSAs are also keyword specific, so you can be sure that your budget is being used effectively. What this means is that your ads will only be shown to individuals looking for a personal injury attorney and not, for example, people who are querying Google for cake recipes.

This type of ad is extremely effective in driving qualified phone calls to your firm at an efficient cost. One thing to keep in mind though, is to qualify to run LSAs, you are required to go through Google’s screening process, as well as a background check.

Local Service Ads use your law firm’s Google My Business page to derive the content that is shown in the ads. So, you’ll want to ensure that your Google My Business contains accurate information.

Perhaps the best thing about Google’s LSAs though, you only pay for the service if a customer contacts you directly through the ad!

LSA Image

Successful Law Firm Marketing

Are you ready to take your marketing game to the next level and maximize your firm’s success? Look no further than Precision Legal Marketing. Our expert team specializes in providing tailored marketing solutions exclusively for firms practice areas of personal injury, family law, bankruptcy, criminal and much more.

With our proven track record and in-depth understanding of the legal industry, we know exactly what it takes to generate qualified leads, enhance brand visibility, and boost your firm’s reputation. From crash blogging, targeted geofencing, SEO to PPC, and LSAs, we’ve got you covered.

Don’t let your competitors steal the spotlight! Act now and partner with Precision Legal Marketing to unlock the full potential of your law firm’s marketing efforts. Contact us today for a personalized consultation and let us help you pave the way to unparalleled success. Your clients are waiting, and we’re here to make sure they find you.

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