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Law Firm Website Design

Future proof, brilliant and conversion
friendly website design and hosting
for law firms only.

Adhering to standards deemed acceptable by Google, Yahoo, Bing and other major search engines is key to driving results. The reasons for successful law firm marketing go far beneath the surface of a website’s design, and deep into its code. With mobile search taking over the lead from desktop computers, a website that features a Responsive Design where your website scales to all types of screen sizes is paramount.

Paid Marketing That Converts

PPC for attorneys

Search Engine Marketing (PPC or SEM) is simply advertising on a search engine

Advertising on Google Ads or other pay per click platforms is a proven way to bring in new cases to your law firm…if it’s done right! Nothing with our campaign setup is boilerplate, and we customize all campaigns to each firm we serve. Attention to detail is what separates us from our competition with daily in-house management of all campaigns, creative ads for higher “Click Through Rate”, in depth transparent reporting, and lower management fees. Our customized reporting is industry leading with our live dashboard, information is available to you 24×7.

SEO That Isn't A Mystery

Whether it's local, regional or nationwide - hiring the right SEO agency for your law firm is essential to its success online

SEO is often the cornerstone in a successful law firm marketing strategy. Google has become very sophisticated in its delivery of results rankings and is very intuitive to what those searching in your area are looking for. From local search to large national SEO campaigns, our agency stands ready to maximize your rank position using ethical white hat techniques, the latest technology and while delivering unparalleled reporting and results back to you.

Top Ranking Blogging & Content Marketing

Custom crafted hand written content for your firms marketing agenda

Content is king when it comes to building a robust online presence that drives traffic to your website and helps your law firm convert visitors to clients. Content in the form of blog articles, website content, white-papers and eBooks help build SEO strength, and tells your potential clients who you are, what you do and where you do it.  Our writing team all have JD’s ensuring legal accuracy.  We also craft custom biographies for firm members, customized practice area pages and brochures for law firms of all shapes and sizes. Blogging and content marketing is one of the pillars in today’s law firm marketing climate.

Social Media Marketing For A New Generation

Cutting edge paid social media advertising attracting the right result, the right new clients to your law firm

Social Media Marketing has never been a better way to attract new clients. Every firms potential new client target is different, and so are the campaigns we assemble. From the most basic social syndication to the most complex multi-level funnels, audience targeting, retargeting. Platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube. We match your firms needs with a strategy and match it the right platforms and ad campaign setups.

social media marketing for law firms

Live Chat

Seamlessly capture more leads from your website 24 hours a day

Having live chat on your website can be a game changer by connecting website visitors who are unable to call your firm. Our live chat features real live operators who are trained to answer basic questions from visitors while capturing their contact information. Our service features the ability to customize scripting, SMS Text to chat, exit pop-up strategies, text to call and more. You only pay for quality leads from your selected geography and practice areas with our pre-sorted and screened process. Live chat works great for Family, Criminal, Personal Injury and Bankruptcy. We talk to potential clients when you can’t, which can lead to 40% more conversions.

Our Approach

No Boxes – Just Results

The one size fits all mentality in today’s digital age just doesn’t make sense, especially when it comes to properly marketing your law firm. Our competition spends more time trying to figure out what box you fit into, than designing a strategy that will actually work for your particular firm. In some cases, results are secondary to what “products” you get shoved into. Then there is the multi-year contracts. We throw away the box, and design a strategy only for what you need, and one that will fit your budget. Not the other way around!

Our Work

This top ranked New York - Manhattan Family Law firm needed a complete re-brand.

Adorned with custom photography and a slick design, this is always a favorite.

Staten Island Attorney and Mediator needed a complete new site from scratch.

All custom written content by our writers and a clean simple design.

This top ranked Chesapeake, VA multi practice firm needed a fresh new look after a partner left.

We delivered with practice areas shown above the fold and strong imaging.

This South Carolina B2B firm was looking for a design that was different and incorporated
some clever movement and desktop design.

Strong imaging and unique messaging. With the demographic appealing to veterans and active
duty military alike, it was crucial to speak their language.

A departure from the normal boring solo attorney websites.

This site uses colors, shapes and information to server the user a calming vibe.

This top criminal law firm in Northern Virginia wanted a portrait forward site that showed off their accolades, verdicts and settlements and was yet creative and interesting to look at. Mission accomplished.

Personal Injury Attorney in NYC who wanted to focus on larger serious cases as opposed to auto accidents.

The value proposition is different, and so is the sites design.

One of the top rated firms in the Northern Virginia markets, this site was designed to really capture the reputation of the firm and its members.

This site features #1 rank position on all of the major family law keywords.

Featuring a sheek red and black theme, this sites design incorporates great imaging with minimalist text.

Pleasant but striking design with the practice areas far above the fold to stop searchers in their tracks.
Why You Should Hire Us
Customer Service

Customer Service

From on-boarding to the ongoing experience, we make our client service experience effective and easy. From same day website updates to in-depth report analysis meetings, we truly are here to serve you.

Truly The Best Reporting

Truly The Best Reporting

We show you results like no other marketing agency can. From daily SEO rank, to in depth analytics on website traffic, conversion metrics and paid ads, our reporting is second to none. Ask for a test drive!

A Better Experience

A Better Experience

Simply put, we offer a better customer experience. Whether you just hire to build a website for you or have us manage your entire marketing budget and portfolio, you can count on our reliability, timeliness and honesty. Come join our family!

More Conversions

More Conversions

Isn’t that what it’s all about? More clients, more revenue through measurable results. Everything we do is hand crafted and results oriented. We pride ourselves on getting to know you and your firm, and who your target client is too.

Client Testimonials

Partnering with Precision Legal Marketing for my firm's website, SEO and internet needs has been wonderful. Steve and Jyllian provide a wealth of experience and attention to detail which makes the creation of a new website and marketing plan a seamless and productive update. We greatly appreciated the time they provided to help us realize our ideas. Having worked with other firms in the past who wanted to sell a cookie cutter site, Precision Legal Marketing allowed us to capture our unique ideas for our website while blending the necessary SEO engineering tools in the background. We highly recommend them.

Christie Leary
Leary Law

I have used two national legal marketing firms over the past 10 years. After hiring Precision, I have gotten better and faster results with my rankings, more relevant calls and an upgraded website. The Precision team are experts in the field of internet marketing and their customer service and responsiveness to clients are second to none. Precision’s fees are reasonable, and their products are well worth the investment. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Kristen Shannon
Shannon & Associates P.C.

Precision Legal Marketing is exactly that! They will take the time to get to know you personally and incorporate who you are and what you do into your web site making your business one of a kind!

Patty Hardt
Hardt Law, P.L.L.C.

I am so glad I found Precision Legal. They made my website look great and made the process seamless. I wouldn't change a thing.

Michelle Powers
Powers Law, LLC

I signed on with Precision Legal after being wholly disappointed with another marketing firm. Precision Legal offered a tailored approach and are reachable when I have a question or concern. I am highly satisfied with their performance and the return on investment.

Abraham Del Rio
Del Rio Law, PLLC
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