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Custom Law Firm Marketing

The Right Strategy - No Box
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Law Firm Websites

Website design and best practices are ever changing, especially for law firms. Adhering to standards deemed acceptable by Google, Yahoo, Bing and other major search engines is key to driving results.  The reasons for successful law firm marketing go far beneath the surface of a website’s design, and deep into its code. With mobile search taking over the lead from desktop computers, a website that features a Responsive Design where your website scales to all types of screen sizes is paramount.

With that said, many law firm websites we end up re-designing function improperly, suffer from broken links, or were designed by inexperienced non-experts who were less than competent. Others are just out of date and need a refresh to make them more easily navigated on today’s mobile devices.

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ppc for law firms


Search Engine Marketing (PPC or SEM) is simply advertising on a search engine using the keywords that best describe your firm. If you are a criminal attorney, you would want to advertise on keywords that potential clients would type in to search for your area of practice in your local market (DMA).

Daily in-house management of all search engine marketing campaigns
Customized keyword groups
Lower Cost Per Click strategies used
Integration with Google Analytics
Creative ads for higher Click Through Rate
Lower management fees
Transparent Reporting
In-depth keyword analysis and recommendations

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SEO & Local Search

Being found within your local community by potential clients seeking legal services is essential. SEO is often the cornerstone in a successful law firm marketing strategy. Google has become very sophisticated in its delivery of results rankings and is very intuitive to what those searching in your area are looking for. Local Search dictates which law firms and businesses display on Google Maps and within the business listings. Each of these results displays are prime real estate and can dramatically increase the amount of clicks and contacts your law firm receives.

Strong SEO Strategies

Any law firm that wants to be successful online needs a digital strategy that includes strong SEO. Our company knows the most efficient ways to implement SEO tactics and integrate its benefits into every facet of your online presence. SEO relates to almost every part of your law firm’s digital strategy, including social media, content writing, website design, blogging, SEM and PPC and video production.

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live chat home

Live Chat

We’ve all seen the live chat box that appears on websites asking if we would like to talk to an expert, and now we know why. Because they work – especially for law firms. Leads don’t get much hotter than the ones delivered from live chat services. People are sent to your website because they found an applicable link that matches their inquiry. Either they are visiting your website to find contact or location information or because they want to learn more about a particular legal question or issue they are experiencing.


What better way to connect with them immediately about their legal issue than to start a dialogue through a live chat service?

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content marketing

Blogging & Content Marketing

Content is king when it comes to building a robust online presence that drives traffic to your website and helps your law firm convert visitors to clients. Content in the form of blog articles, website content, whitepapers and eBooks help build SEO strength, increase website visibility and bolster your firm’s credibility. Google continues to make it abundantly clear to website owners that it rewards websites that publish relevant, engaging and consistently active content. Blogging and content marketing is one of the pillars in today’s law firm marketing climate.

Blogging and content marketing can achieve all three of these goals simultaneously, making it one of the most efficient forms of digital marketing available.

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social media marketing for lawyers

Social Media Marketing

Every law firm needs a social media presence, and those that are not getting social online are falling behind. Lawyers are quickly beginning to see the fruits of being social and are encouraged now more than ever to engage with potential clients through social media platforms. Because we will have identified your target client market, we will be able to place you in front of them in ideal places throughout Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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Our Approach


The one size fits all mentality in today’s digital age just doesn’t make sense, especially when it comes to properly marketing your law firm. Our competition spends more time trying to figure out what box you fit into, than designing a strategy that will actually work for your particular firm. In some case, results are secondary to what “products” you get shoved into. Then there is the multi-year contract. We throw away the box, and design a strategy only for what you need, and one that will fit your budget. Not the other way around!


With our solutions oriented approach, we aren’t in your conference room to sell you something. Every project we approach has its own set of challenges. Sometimes a firm doesn’t need a website redesign, but its position on search engines is not high enough to get the right kind of traffic. Sometimes we are engaged to handle paid marketing efforts on Facebook, Google, Bing and other sources. Other times we are hired to manage a firm’s entire marketing budget,  deal with all marketing vendors, and carefully track conversions and report to the firm’s stakeholders on a regular basis.

law firm marketing

Our Work

Proper Branding

An attractive unique website expresses your firm's brand; quality, value, what you stand for - everything that contributes to how your law firm is perceived.

Improved Traffic

A properly built website built for SEO in mind first is simply easier to push to the top of search. Being at the top of search with relevant keywords leads to more traffic.

A Better User Experience

Simply put, if your users have a better experience and are able to absorb more information more quickly than your competition's site, they will become YOUR clients.

More Conversions

Isn't that what it's all about? More clients, more revenue through measurable results.


Our Work


Law Firm Marketing Done Right!

law firm marketingWe get it! You want law firm marketing  that works. You want marketing that not only drives new clients, but also represents your firm’s reputation. You want to practice law and not deal with 6 different vendors for your marketing, half of which you don’t know what they are doing. All you see is the money flying out the door with little understanding as to where it goes.

That can stop now!

You don’t want to be pushed and shoved into the corner by a pushy sales person or sign a contract for 3 years not knowing if your expectations will be met. Call us – we’ll come and help!


Call us to consult with you, we don’t bite and we don’t even charge a consult fee. Prior to us getting together, we will do an in depth analysis of your current online marketing. We’ll take a look at everything from your past to present websites, if you’re doing any online advertising on the search engines, your social media profiles, blogs and more. Once we meet, you can help us fill in the blanks. From there, we will develop a plan for success with transparent costs, timelines for implementation and expected return on investment. We leave the sales pitch at home.

Let us handle the marketing, so you can handle the courtroom.

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