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We are proud of the work we do on a daily basis. We help law firms of all sizes across the country achieve their marketing goals. Attorneys can count on us to help them grown their practice. Learn about how we have been able to make other law firms just like yours be successful by clicking the icons below:


When we first met Mr. David Roop, the firms website was 5 or so years old, and had little to no design elements that represented the firms skills. We were engaged to not only rebuild a new website that conformed to the latest mobile standards, but one that also reflected the firm’s image and values.

If you notice the top of the website features a custom image and four unique linked section designed to catch the user eye and provide them with authoritative relevant information. Moving down the page, we present general information highlighting the firms award winning stature in the marketplace. From there, we created a band section highlighting these awards, and then present each attorney in an eye catching slider formatt. Everything about this design is progressive, clean, responsive and reputation forward.

Visit the full site here:


Cravens and Noll had been through several website providers before meeting the Precision team. Their old website was showing all kinds of errors and thus was suffering from an SEO perspective. Our job was to quickly remedy the situation. The build included all new images, reorganizing of existing text and creating a conversion forward design. The outcome was stunning.

Our design team started at the top with incorporating a conversion contact form in the top slider along with fitting in the firm’s image of its attorneys.  We wanted to present the practice areas next, exposing users to the firms depth. if you go to the live site, you will notice our customization of this section by hovering over the blue boxed sections. Note the custom background image representing the practice area it is highlighting. From there we wanted to present the firm’s reputation and attorneys as any other website would, but in this case careful attention was paid to making the section interesting. We follow that up in the design by highlighting the firm’s 5 office locations, which is a large selling point for users of this site.

On the inner pages of the site, our cutting edge design continues with a sidebar that included reviews and a contact form for client intake. We placed relevant videos on the pages to further entice users to stay on the page and interact with content. The mobile version of the site follows the same design throughline as desktop, with an easy to click phone number, live chat widget and contact form. The entire site is designed with presenting users with compelling reasons to convert and retain.

Visit the full site here:

SEO & Local Search

Being found within your local community by potential clients seeking legal services is essential. SEO is often the cornerstone in a successful law firm marketing strategy. Google has become very sophisticated in its delivery of results rankings and is very intuitive to what those searching in your area are looking for. Local Search dictates which law firms and businesses display on Google Maps and within the business listings. Each of these results displays are prime real estate and can dramatically increase the amount of clicks and contacts your law firm receives.

Strong SEO Strategies

Any law firm that wants to be successful online needs a digital strategy that includes strong SEO. Our company knows the most efficient ways to implement SEO tactics and integrate its benefits into every facet of your online presence. SEO relates to almost every part of your law firm’s digital strategy, including social media, content writing, website design, blogging, SEM and PPC and video production.


Search Engine Marketing (PPC or SEM) is simply advertising on a search engine using the keywords that best describe your firm. If you are a criminal attorney, you would want to advertise on keywords that potential clients would type in to search for your area of practice in your local market (DMA).

Daily in-house management of all search engine marketing campaigns
Customized keyword groups
Lower Cost Per Click strategies used
Integration with Google Analytics
Creative ads for higher Click Through Rate
Lower management fees
Transparent Reporting
In-depth keyword analysis and recommendations

Blogging & Content Marketing

Content is king when it comes to building a robust online presence that drives traffic to your website and helps your law firm convert visitors to clients. Content in the form of blog articles, website content, whitepapers and eBooks help build SEO strength, increase website visibility and bolster your firm’s credibility. Google continues to make it abundantly clear to website owners that it rewards websites that publish relevant, engaging and consistently active content. Blogging and content marketing is one of the pillars in today’s law firm marketing climate.

Blogging and content marketing can achieve all three of these goals simultaneously, making it one of the most efficient forms of digital marketing available.

Social Media Marketing

Every law firm needs a social media presence, and those that are not getting social online are falling behind. Lawyers are quickly beginning to see the fruits of being social and are encouraged now more than ever to engage with potential clients through social media platforms. Because we will have identified your target client market, we will be able to place you in front of them in ideal places throughout Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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