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Selecting Effective Attorney Blog Topics

Selecting Effective Attorney Blog Topics

Attorney Blog Topics

 Many law firms by now recognize the value in blogging. One of the most difficult but first steps when determining what to blog about, is selecting effective attorney blog topics. Sit back and shake off that stress, you have enough of that running your law practice. Remember the end game is the benefit of improving a firm’s organic search engine placement while answering questions consumers may have about your law practice.  The posted articles you will write will have a much more lasting effect than “throwing” money at Google as part of a PPC campaign. Blogs are indexed by search engines.  Further, the articles provide a way of building credibility with potential clients who visit your site with genuine legal issues and concerns.  When articles are written on legitimately unique and engaging topics, they can appear at or near the top for certain search terms for years.  By the same token, content that is generic or un-engaging typically will not be effective in terms of attracting traffic or converting traffic into calls and emails from potential clients.  This post is designed to provide an overview of effective topics for lawyer blogs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Blogs that provide answers to frequently asked questions can be extremely effective especially when they focus on specific topics.  For example, an FAQ dealing with what steps to take in the immediate aftermath of a car accident will tend to be more helpful to consumers than a blog with a broader more generic focus like “Personal Injury FAQs.”  FAQs can address the exact types of questions posed by potential clients, so when new visitors come to your site, you increase the probability of addressing specific concerns.  This ability to provide preliminary answers to potential clients’ legal questions will tend to spur client calls.  FAQs also are useful because there are a virtually unlimited supply of topic specific FAQs that can be posted on your website.  Since developing topics that are interesting and helpful is one of the most difficult parts of blogging, FAQs can provide a wealth of informative posts.

 Firm/Personal Accomplishments: While important firm accomplishments, seminars or significant case results can provide effective blog topics that build value with clients, this type of blogging requires subtlety.  Clients dismiss blogs that appear to be mostly self-aggrandizing.  When writing blog posts covering these types of topics, it is important to connect the topic to consumers.  For example, an announcement of your completion of a seminar for specialists might discuss significant new legal developments that could affect clients.  While the goal of the blog might be to make clients aware that you actively work to stay current regarding changes in the law, the tone of the blog should be about sharing valuable information that you have learned with clients.  If you have been certified as a specialist in your area of law or recognized on a website for your accomplishments, you should explain the standards or requirements for specialty status or inclusion on a list for recognition.  If you are reviewing a successful case result, you will want to report the favorable outcome, but the focus should be on issues in the case that impact other clients.

Novel Changes in the Law: When significant court decisions or statutory enactments/amendments occur, these changes can constitute an excellent topic for blogs provided the issues affect potential clients.  Highly technical changes that do not impact a significant number of people will have only limited appeal.  Any blog discussing actual cases or statutory changes should be written in plain English that demonstrates both your mastery of the subject and ability to communicate complex legal issues to laypeople in an understandable straightforward way.

 Most Common Practice Area Issues: Since the objective of attorney blogging is to attract the maximum number of readers who might end up retaining a lawyer, the most common types of issues handled by the firm can provide a consistent stream of topics.  If you are a personal injury attorney that handles construction accidents, for example, you might write a blog about third-party lawsuits as a supplement to worker’s compensation benefits.  Similarly, family law blogs that include suggestions for dealing with high conflict custody disputes or parental move-away issues will likely target the specific types of clients a family lawyer wishes to attract.  Essentially, this approach involves working backwards by starting with an idea of the specific clients you want to attract and writing blogs that include issues relevant to that type of client.

Still need help? Selecting effective attorney blog topics can be handled by a marketing professional, as can all of the writing, posting and syndicating. If you are wondering how this can work for you and your law firm, give me a call at 877-602-7510 now.

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