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Recent Study Suggest “Old School” Email Marketing Remains Effective

Recent Study Suggest “Old School” Email Marketing Remains Effective

The decline of free social media advertising makes email advertising a cost-effective alternative for online advertising campaigns.

Despite the emphasis on social media advertising and organic placement, email marketing can offer certain benefits which has led to its continued popularity. According to a recent Epsilon’s New Shopper behavioral study, a growing number of millennials recognize the ongoing benefits of email marketing.

The new study reveals interesting data regarding the power of email marketing when attempting to reach millennials. Epsilon reports 43 percent of millennials indicated they have reviewed advertising emails over the preceding six month period compared to only 32 percent of other age groups. Since this age range will be reaching the age of grandparents within a decade, they are not likely to suddenly begin relying on Snapchat and Twitter..

There are a number of advantages to using email marketing campaigns.

First, the investment in time and resources does not need to break the bank. The ability to personalize the message, contain cost, and reach a narrowly targeted office can make email marketing an effective strategy for maximizing marketing ROI.  A short quick email from a law firm that provides a brief case status report can be effective.  The email can even be drafted by support staff to further reduce the administrative cost of this marketing approach.  Second, emails provide a way to highly target a marketer’s audience, which includes controlling message delivery.   Third, email permits a more extensive and potentially persuasive message than a Tweet or Facebook post.  Fourth, the nature of the message can include more in depth content than a short tweet or Instagram post.

Email marketing also can take many forms which can be tailored to the type of client with quantifiable results.  Marketers might utilize new service announcements, case updates, newsletters, and even invitations.  Marketing experts can assist a law firm in identifying the appropriate type of email content best suited to the circumstances.  Email advertising also can be effectively tracked.  Quantification of marketing results can be problematic with most forms of advertising, but email communication can be extensively tracked, so future email campaigns can be made more effective.

Email re-marketing services like Mailchimp or Infusionsoft offer valuable ways to improve this advertising approach.

These services vary in both complexity and effectiveness, but both programs can facilitate highly targeted email advertising campaigns.  Mailchimp offers the ability to send highly targeted emails and discover which customers are interested in your service to further improve this marketing strategy.  The marketer uses the online process to select a campaign that matches the advertiser’s philosophy and style.  These programs are designed to make sure your emails reach the right eyeballs at the right time.  Email re-marketing permits businesses to monitor sells and website activity.

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