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Why FindLaw is a Poor Choice For Your Law Firm Marketing

Find Law

We get it – We’ve been rather harsh in our analysis of FindLaw and their digital marketing services. We admit to being biased in our observation of their practices. By all means, if we’re wrong, feel free to provide such evidence and we will correct our statements of observation.

That being said, the evidence  of how they provide their services is very much present:

FindLaw is just like any other business, in terms of wanting to make a profit. Businesses grow when they make profit. We don’t fault them at all for trying to earn money. However, what we struggle with is trying to understand why and how poorly they earn their profit at the expense of their clients.

With such an inflexible marketing service agreement, FindLaw has a history of making clients feel trapped with a contract that they can’t get out of, without it being detrimental to their long-term marketing efforts.

While there is a means to several ties among their services, it requires a 90-day timeframe, but with minimum guarantees that the site URL and all of the content is yours. In fact, you may have to confirm who actually owns your website URL. You will also want to follow up with their services to ensure what FindLaw is doing and how it goes about services to ensure your firm’s marketing efforts won’t be impacted.

This could be making your SEO and marketing investment into their services potentially null and void.

With their business practices and organizational setup, we believe they provide sub-par services that has been flagged by Google for using Black Hat SEO. Whatever content they wrote for your site may be keyword and link stuffed, which not only provides a poor user experience, but also a poor ranking by Google. This could be making your SEO and marketing investment into their services potentially null and void – even worse, it could lead to a negative return on your investment.

Quick Tip: By not hiring individuals with a strong legal background to write content for your firm could lead to a potential litigation. The goal of your digital marketing efforts should provide you with new clients, not lead to potential lawsuits.

Your online marketing footprint is ultimately how people find you. Marketing yourself properly is how you obtain your clients’ and potential clients’ trust. By using multiple techniques that go against Google’s guidelines, it reveals that FindLaw has a history of looking out for their interest, but not their clients.

If you are considering or are currently using FindLaw’s marketing services, contact us. We specialize in addressing concerns associated with FindLaw’s digital marketing services, and how to help you with your digital marketing efforts without hassle and inflexible contracts. Contact us today at 877-602-7510.


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