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Is Promoting Your Firm With Video Worth It?

Is Promoting your Firm with Video Worth It?

In the realm of digital marketing, video has been viewed as a must-have to maximize your content marketing efforts. But like any marketing effort, just because you’re utilizing the medium doesn’t mean that your going to get the ROI you expect.

Like any content being produced, whether it’s a blog post, article, white-paper or even a status update on a social media outlet – quality content that is relevant to the audience is going to be the goal.  Video is no different. IF you have a quality video that hits home with your target audience, your chance of obtaining a higher ROI is much improved.

Look at it this way…not everyone likes the same TV shows, right?  Some folks like mystery, others prefer action, while others like the classics.

If you are producing a video for your firm, what level of entertainment and value are you providing so they will pay attention to what you have to offer?  Your Firms video would need to seriously stand out in the crowd of well over 500 videos of other firms that are just like it.

So, if you decide to produce a video for your firm, how can you stand out?  Be unique.

As an example, we produced 24 video testimonial videos and stitched them together into practice areas and placed them into a video book with a 10-inch screen the firm could then mail to high value prospects.  Did we also place them online? Sure. But that’s not the reason for their creation. Their purpose was to share the results of a firm with some high value prospects, and not to ‘improve SEO’.

It’s good to understand that producing a video in and of itself is a challenge.  You have less than 10 seconds to gain their interest – and that’s being overly generous. Even the most successful youtube artists spend weeks and months focusing on what works for them and their audience.

If you google “average watch time of a law firm video” – you will see a whole page filled with nothing BUT people who sell video production to firms.

The cost to produce a decent 2.5 minute video may range from $2,500-$5,000. How could you accurately measure your return on investment? The sad truth is that there are no REAL statistics currently available to measure the effectiveness in the law firm marketing world.

But consider what else YOU could do to market your firm for $5,000…

You could buy a firm profile on just about all three of the leading law firm directory sites and send SEO value and potential clients to your phones.  With this you would also have trackable/measurable results.

An experienced law firm digital marketing agency could take that $5,000 ad budget and spend it on AdWords for Divorce, BK, DUI and alike and deliver YOU some serious clients.

As with any content being produced, make sure you have it’s purpose in mind.  Producing a video just to have one may not yield the results you expect. Make sure you know what your going to do with that video, and how you’ll take it to market first, then you may have a chance.

Need help learning more about how a legal marketing specific agency can help you with your video marketing efforts? Contact us today at 877-602-7510.

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