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Don’t Fall For Those Digital Marketing Scare Tactics

Don’t Fall for those Digital Marketing Scare Tactics

Have you ever heard of the “squeeze” or getting “bumped” from first page search results on Google?

What about hearing that organic traffic is bringing in less traffic than it used to?

Although not entirely incorrect, these phrases are often utilized by some Digital Marketing Agencies that exploit this verbiage to scare you into obtaining their services. They prey on your lack of knowledge and utilize scare tactics to get your business. Rather than being scared, you need to be armed with the right information to combat some of these common misconceptions.

So, let’s address what is really being discussed with these scare tactics and how to properly address them.

First, and let’s be honest here, this space has always been SUPER competitive with aggregators like Avvo,, Superlawyers and Justia taking up a large percentage of top search engine placement.

Obtaining a first page ranking can be a challenge when all you focus on are clever “tricks” that attempt to fool Google. However, Google regularly updates their search engine algorithms and their focus has always been to promote quality content. Utilizing clever tips or tricks are typically a short term solution rather than a means to provide long-term growth.

Also consider that Google DOES rule the search world. It’s like the British Empire…but remember: You don’t poison the King, or his army will strike. When this happens Google will push a sites ranking down well below first page ranking. So, it’s good to understand time-tested Google recommended methods to obtain traffic from their search engine.

To improve the level of traffic to your site through organic means is still very much possible. In fact we have increased some of our clients by as much as 60% in organic traffic through appropriate means. To do this you NEED to rank for the keywords best associated with your Firm. For example, if you are a divorce attorney, you will NEED to rank for such common phrases like “Divorce Lawyer, Divorce Attorney and “near me” as top keyword examples.

But, that isn’t the only step that you’d need to take in order to get quality traffic coming to your site and having customers call your phone. You’ll also need to do the following:
1. Have a SOLID local SEO and map pack ranking. Addressing both search and Google Maps will take a more comprehensive approach to your SEO digital marketing efforts.

2. Work with a certified Google partner who puts an emphasis on local SEO so that you can combat the big boys in your city.  Certified Google partners have the latest information on Google best practices that will benefit your firm.
3. Find smaller GEO’s to rank in.  This is often an overlooked but valuable note… to plan out and execute. For example, say you have an office in Fairfax, VA and you rank well there. But what about ranking well in Tysons or Vienna? With mobile and geo keyword searches you have a shot at beating these big dudes to first page ranking.

The process of addressing these scare tactics is as simple is learning to play with the big boys, including the big aggregators such as Avvo,, Superlawyers and Justia.

Like a financial portfolio, it’s good to diversify your efforts by having accounts on each a site while you are expanding your digital marketing efforts.

Once you know that marketing is a well planned out process, scare tactics will never phase you and your digital marketing efforts.

Need help learning more about how a legal marketing specific agency can help you with your Search Engine Optimization efforts? Contact us today at 877-602-7510.

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