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Managing Your Law Firm Marketing During Coronavirus

Managing Your Law Firm Marketing During Coronavirus

In a time where it seems that things are out of your control, there is one thing you still have control over and that is managing your law firm marketing during coronavirus.  The Courts are closing and clients are cancelling like your office is the source of the virus. Your children, like ours, no longer have school. All hell seems like it’s breaking lose. Not matter the size or practice area of your law firm, you no doubt are asking yourself: what’s next.

Don’t be disheartened, we’re here to help you through this. Here are some basic tips you may find helpful. As the Covid -19 continue to progress, we will be releasing more helpful content to help your clients, you and your firm moving forward.

Five Ways to Maintain Operations

  1. Offer virtual sessions.
  2. Work from home.
  3. Reroute calls.
  4. Stay up to date on state and local updates regarding coronavirus as well as guidance from the CDC and WHO.
  5. “Retarget” folks who have previously expressed interest in retaining your services, but never followed through.

Offer Virtual Consultations

It is not uncommon these days for law firms to offer virtual consultation sessions.  Consultations and formal meetings can be conducted over a service such as Zoom, which even allows for screen sharing and recording on the session.  More and more professional services are moving to offer virtual consultations, so it’s only a matter of time before they become more commonplace.  If you have never used this technology before, don’t fear. Zoom in particular has an excellent customer service experience that will have you up and running in no time. You will simple email your client a link for them to click for video OR a phone number to call in on. You will call into this same phone number, enter a meeting code and it’s that simple. If you don’t have a laptop, now is the time to get one. Load the zoom app on it and get yourself prepared for video conferencing. You can even safely send documents through the platform. Embrace it, your future may depend on it as this crisis deepens.

Work From Home

Many businesses are opting to allow their employees to work from home to reduce the risk to themselves and their staff during this global pandemic.  With cloud based computing, many have their files backed up in the cloud for easy access.  All across the nation schools, courthouses and offices are closing for at least two weeks.  In some states, the National Guard has been activated.  Clients will likely appreciate the fact that you’re taking care of your staff and showing compassion in a time of volatility. If you plan on video conferencing, find a quiet space away from family and present a clean background. That may be a bookcase or even a blank white wall. Just think about presenting yourself professionally and you will be great!

Reroute Intake Phone Calls

Remember, people in general will only delay their problems. With more time on their hands, they will likely still be searching the internet and other sources for help with their problems. They may take the time to call law firms looking for help. Be the attorney that answers these initial call and you have a better than average shot at being their choice. Make SURE you forward all of your marketing tracking lines to a number you can answer while working remotely. Remember to work with vendors you may have tracking lines with too.

If you do opt to work from home and offer virtual sessions, don’t feel like you need to offer your personal phone number out to clients. We have specific call tracking software that can route calls to cell phones wall masking the cell phone number. We even have technology that you can text from, without exposing firm cell phone numbers. We would be happy to setup short term tracking options for firm. There are also plenty of call tracking options out there. Google Voice is one we see savvy clients using. This will also help keep your cell phone private, which is important.

Reroute all office calls to yours or your employees phone.  Precision Legal Marketing can help you get this setup so you don’t have an interruption to your business.

Stay Up to Date

Remaining up to date on the latest closures, government policies and directives from the CDC and WHO can help you determine your next move.  You’ll want to keep abreast of how it’s impacting your local community as well.  It will likely get worse before it gets better – even with the measures the government has put in place to slow the spread.

Remarketing to Leads Via Email, Facebook and Google

Experiencing some down time with clients cancelling appointments?  This is a great time to get caught up on some paperwork, but also to reach out to potential clients who have not followed through.  Those potential clients may still be in need of services and a personalized follow up email may be just the ticket to roping them in. Think about using Facebook to upload a client list to and run informative ads. Again, people are still having legal problems! They don’t just go away. So we don’t want you to go away either. Retargeting is not a DIY adventure so consult your marketing professional or give us a shout. We are here to help!

Regardless of your next move, Precision Legal Marketing is here to support you and your law firm during this tumultuous time.  Not sure where to go next?  Give our office a call or get in touch and we can work together to create a custom plan based on the needs of your law firm: 877-602-7510.

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