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Going On Vacation – But Don’t Want To Miss A Case?

Going on vacation – but don’t want to miss a case?

Going on vacation – but don’t want to miss new client intake?

Let’s face two things. We all need a vacation from the day to day rigors of the office. As a practicing attorney your needs are at an all-time high. 2013 Sage Reinvention of Business Study, 43 percent of us take less vacation time than they did five years ago. We know you need it, so why not take that much needed rest? For some of you I bet it’s because you just can’t miss that “one” case. The case that when you overhear your secretary talking on the phone you can just tell it’s a good one. The one that gets your juices flowing. It doesn’t matter what area of practice you’re in, every one of you has that preferred case profile. And often times when they call, they need your help now! It cannot wait

What if, just what if you could leave the office for long periods of time, but not miss one single new client intake? You say you can do that now, your staff is there right? But are they? In a consumer facing law practice like Family, Criminal, Bankruptcy or Personal Injury Law a significant amount of your new client intake and activity comes during the afterhours. We are in the age of instant gratification and if you cannot present yourself at the time of need, you are not going to be in a position to help. Law Firms all over the world are embracing Live Chat, a new kind of technology that itself is evolving and quickly becoming one of the most important pieces of the marketing puzzle. Sure, Live Chat is available 24×7 so you don’t have to be. That’s not a new concept in itself. Forget the complex ideas of the integration of Live Chat into Google Analytics and Adwords conversions and so on. I am talking about catching that potential client while they are literally sitting into front of their phone or computer searching for legal help.

How does this tie into your vacation? You guessed it, I want you to think about being available on your vacation to make a couple of phone calls. Don’t worry, or only calling the cases you would want to take. My Live Chat operators can filter out the good from the bad for you, but that one case is out there. If it comes your way when you’re out of town resting, you’ll rest easier knowing you have it covered. Last I checked, FOMO or Fear Of Missing Out, is a real viable medical condition.

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