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When a Potential Client Looks at Your Website

who Do You Appear to Be?

Floyd signed a contract with a big box marketing agency with a one size fits all approach.

Brad has a legal marketing agency that focuses on his firm’s needs with a customized strategy!

Floyd Thinks...
  • His website works “just fine”.
  • It doesn’t matter what his site looks like because he mainly works from referrals.
  • His website is only so people can “find” him!
  • Everyone knows him and his reputation, especially in court.
  • Renting his website from a “big box” company is fine, and has no idea who even owns his website.
  • Since he is a well respected AV rated attorney he doesn’t need “marketing”.
  • Social media isn’t important for a law firm.
  • Buying his web marketing services from his radio or TV sales rep is the way to go.
  • Thinks his current provider is doing a great job despite never seeing a report or knowing where his money is spent.
Brad Knows...
  • Understands his website is a full reflection of his law firm’s reputation and a source for new clients.
  • Referrals mean nothing if the referrals don’t like what they see.
  • Understands people today search in order to find their attorney, if they cannot find they move on to the next.
  • Realizes he doesn’t “know everyone” and his website should capture new clients.
  • He owns his URL and his website outright and would never “rent” from anyone.
  • Ratings and other awards are only valuable when they are seen. Website traffic is the key!
  • 90% of attorneys use social media personally. Brad realizes his potential clients use social media too.
  • Understands that a traditional media company and a digital marketing agency have nothing in common.
  • Regular meetings with his marketing agency help him understand where his money is going.
  • Realizes potential clients and Google both need content to showcase his experience.
  • Understands his website should reflect his prestige, legal experience and case results.

Don't Be Floyd

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