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How To Leverage Trending Topics In Law Firm Blogging

How To Leverage Trending Topics in Law Firm Blogging

We all know that there is no cookie cutter approach to marketing.  Not only is every industry vastly different, every business unique, but there are also several other key factors that can influence a law firms’ marketing strategy.  No matter the industry; economics and politics can always play a factor in business.  It’s getting ahead of those trending topics that can not only drive more traffic your way, but also establish you as a thought leader (and a leader in general) on the subject.  Establishing yourself as a thought leader on a trending topic can also drive attention to your law firm from news outlets, giving your firm a significant amount of exposure.


As an Attorney, What is Content Marketing?

First, let’s answer the question… What is content marketing from a lawyers perspective?  Content marketing is a marketing method that involves the creation and dissemination of content such as blogs, videos, social media posts, etc. with the intent of engaging with current and potential clients.

So, how can this help your law firm gain traction?  Getting in front of trending topics sets you apart from your competitors and can even get you some free publicity.  Let’s look at current events in our area for example.  Today, January 20th, there is a large rally, organized by the Virginia Citizens Defense League, that is expected to draw thousands of armed protestors in response to proposed gun legislation many feel infringes on the second amendment.

For a law firm who focuses on criminal defense in Virginia, this topic is particularly important.  Not only could the bills change current laws in Virginia, which is important for criminal defense law firms, but it is also a highly searched subject on the internet.  Enter law firm blogging.


Driving Traffic to Your Website

As an Attorney, What is Content Marketing?

Blogging for law firms can be a great way to set yourself apart from your competitors and also to drive potential clients to your website.  How?  Most of the free (non-paid) traffic coming to your website is from a Google search.  Always remember that Google’s job is to show the most relevant search results it can to its “customers”; searchers.  Let’s use our example of Virginia’s gun legislation.  Thousands and thousands of people from all over the United States are querying search engines like Google, using keywords related to gun legislation and rallies in Virginia.  Optimizing your blogs on the topic with the right keywords can make your blog show in their search results when they are querying the topic, thus driving traffic/potential clients to your website.  Here’s another added advantage – many will shy away from a controversial topic such as the ongoing legislation and 2A sanctuaries popping up, but presented in the right manner can set you apart in a big way.


Establishing Your Law Firm as a Thought Leader

Another way blogging, and really content marketing as a whole, can boost your marketing strategy is by establishing yourself as a thought leader on the topic.  While this is just as important for everyday topics relating to your practice areas, this is especially important for trending issues – just like the current proposed gun legislation.  This can really set you apart from your competitors who are probably waiting for the dust to settle (if at all) to inform readers of what’s going on.  When individuals (and news outlets) are searching for articles on a topic and your firm shows in their results, this can help establish you as a thought leader on the subject.


Public Relations

Getting ahead of a trending topic can also align your firm for some free public relations (though not guaranteed).  Law firm blogging with the right keywords may help news outlets find your article and contact you for a quote or an appearance on a news segment. This is especially important if you’re writing on a trending topic such as the gun legislation example.  Of course, not all PR comes organically.  Connecting with the right PR person can help get your firm in the spotlight as well.


Things to Avoid

Just as much as law firm blogging can establish your firm as a thought leader and drive traffic to your website, it can also harm your reputation if you aren’t careful.  We’re all human and we all have our own personal feelings on a subject and sometimes, those feelings are shown in blogs or social media postings.

When dealing with a trending topic such as gun legislation, it is very easy to get swept up.  It is a topic that sparks emotions and incites passion.  Choosing one side over the other can draw negative attention to your law firm and can limit your future clientele.  It is important to keep emotions and opinions out of your content marketing.  Stick to presenting the facts for the best possible outcome.

Getting ahead of trending topics can prove to be challenging while balancing your other work obligations.  Precision Legal Marketing can assist with your law firm blogging needs, providing timely, fact based articles that can help drive traffic to your website.  Contact us today to get started.

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